pospluscontrol unit

Despite the compact format, Posplus is both the market’s most powerful and most compatible control unit.


The next generation of control units

We implemented a NEW WAY to process fiscal data, the latest generation of hardware that signs and stores fiscal data and REPLICATES DATA to the server and can be connected to the local network and support MULTIPLE cash registers

No more need for the Tax Agency to visit your point of sale to download fiscal data

Douglas Oest, Axena Company Service AB, CEO
Inbox user interface

Technology becomes smaller

Even the technical part is getting bigger, now there are our control units with storage from 32,000,000+ records with memories from 8Gb up to 128Gb capacity.

Smooth. Multicompatible

PosPlus can be easily adapted and integrated with your existing cash solutions. No external power source is needed and the compact format is perfect for mobile solutions.

Powerful. Unmatched capacity

PosPlus stores from 32 million + receipts and can register a new organization number / cash page 1000 times and order for up to 9000 users. Outdoors, it can withstand temperatures down to -20C. This means that PosPlus can handle the most demanding environments and needs by a good margin.

Safe. Double certified

PosPlus is certified and approved in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency’s regulations. In addition, PosPlus is one of the few control units that also qualifies for the industry’s own certification Kassacertifiering.se


Choose Control Unit up to your business

From MVP development to post-release support, we help our customers bring their products to market faster and with no barriers on the way.

Model A

Model A is intended for a cash register. Connected via the checkout’s USB port.

Model C

Model C is intended to be connected to a central server, locally or via the Internet and thus function as a control unit for a number of cash registers.

Buffering Unit

Fiscal data is being sent to the server in realtime. All fiscal data is replicated and kept on the both sides: Buffering Unit and Control Server.

Cloud Control Units

Try the new way to manage your fiscal data - just send it to the cloud server. Click below to know more

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