Model C - For server and multiple cash registers

Up to 9000 users.
No external power supply, powered via usb.
128GB memory for up to 500 million receipts.
Small size, 44x27x14mm

When the technology becomes smaller

If the technical part also gets bigger, now there are our control units with storage from 32,000,000+ records with memories from 8Gb up to 128Gb capacity.

Cloud server

You can also connect your equipment to the PosPlus control unit through our Cloud Server service.

Local server

You can also use PosPlus (Model C) with your own local server.


PosPlus can be connected to a mobile cash register via Bluetooth.

The control unit for several cash registers

Model C - For server and multiple cash registers

PosPlus Model C is intended to be connected to a central server, locally or via the Internet and thus function as a control unit for a number of cash registers. PosPlus provides solutions for both cloud server and local server.

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